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SIAMS Report   (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools)

We were so proud of our last SIAMs report 10th March 2020:


'The recent development of the Christian vision has been strongly led by the headteacher and involved consultation with the diocese, governors and all members of the school community before its completion. Leaders explain that it is important not to be insular when living in a tiny community and that their vision ensures they are all outward looking. The vision is prominent around the school. As a result, it is entirely understood that they have God’s world in their hands. Pupils recognise that to be good Samaritans they must care for everyone regardless of their differences. Leaders have ensured that news of how the school is demonstrating its Christian vision is shared with parents and carers. Consequently, stakeholders have a good understanding of what it means to be a Church school. A large proportion of pupils are from out of catchment which can be attributed to the relationship that the school has with its wider community. Parents feel well-supported and want their children to learn in a school with a Christian ethos. Although the school’s vision in its current form is new, the Christian ethos is long-established and best exemplified by its care for all in the community. The school provides breakfast and afterschool care, subsidises nursery costs, welcomes baby and toddler parent groups and provides a monthly lunch club for older members of the community.'


'Pupils know that they are all different but also equal because this is a message reinforced by the vision every day in school. They understand that they each have their part to play in ensuring everyone will flourish. Relationships at Bawdsey are good and pupils understand the importance of forgiveness. At breaktimes, there is a family feel to play, as older pupils include younger pupils in their games. The ‘buddy system’, where everyone has a ‘buddy’ to look out for them, is a clear indication that the well-being of all pupils is a priority at this school. All staff feel well-supported by one another. Good mental health is a focus and, because of this, the school is beginning to work towards the Sandwell well-being charter mark.'


It is worth noting we have received our Sandwell Mental Health Charter Mark since the SIAMs inspection was completed!