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News & Events

The Pinnacle

During half term we have had a newly built pinnacle replaced on the school roof. It was due to be mended in situ but being 122 years old (we think) the wood was found to be too rotten for this to happen. The wooden part has now been rebuilt. It was returned to the school roof by Apex roofing weighing in at 380 kilos. It has a new addition to it though, the children have all written an autobiography about themselves for a time capsule which has gone up inside the pinnacle onto the roof. The school council also chose to put some school newsletters, local news pieces about Bawdsey and a whole school picture inside the capsule too. We will put up a plaque telling people that it is there, and the children enjoyed trying to think what the future may be like in another 122 years.  

Jubilee Celebration with Orford Primary School

We have been very busy this last term at Bawdsey CEVCP School, we went on a whole school visit to Orford castle. The children dressed up as royalty (or in red, white and blue) and then wore their hand-crafted crowns as they went to join in a Jubilee picnic with our partner school in Orford. The children then had a great afternoon meeting new friends and experiencing games from when the coronation took place, which included; using hoops, bowls, skipping games, card games, quoits, hopscotch, tin-can alley and a firm favourite was wellie wanging. 

Suffolk Show 2022

During half term we presented a garden at the Suffolk Show and won 'Large Gold' and a superb cup to display. The children designed the garden to represent the four seasons for bees, as they really wanted the garden to help bees for the future and safeguard our eco-systems. We were delighted the school gardening club were so inspired to make this garden, which will now be recreated back at school to encourage the bees. Well done to Lily, Mariette, Adi, Theo, Mia, Rueben, Arthur, Caera, Erin and Sebastian. Special thanks to Mrs Rankin, Mr Stevens and Mr Ross too for all their help and encouragement of the keen gardeners. 

Long Ship visit

All but the youngest children visited the Long Ship in Woodbridge on the 30th June 2021. A series of well-organised sessions gave a real insight into how the Anglo-Saxons build their long wooden ships.



Celebration of Music at Snape Maltings 

March 2022

Celebration is an annual festival at Snape Maltings which showcases the diverse music being made by young people across Suffolk. The Bawdsey children spent all day at the Maltings practising their songs and also learning a new song for the finale of the evening. The children sang their hearts out and the "Bawdsey Song" was a great success. 


School Games Quad Kids Competition

July 2021

This competition consisted of a 600m run, a vortex howler throw, a standing long jump and a 75m sprint. The children were exceptional.  After a fabulous morning of sport, we waited anxiously for the results and were delighted when we were announced as the winners of the development competition (for smaller schools).

Tractors in Schools

We had a visit from Mr Mann and his lovely new tractor, he also brought some potatoes for the children to plant
Tractors in Schools

Visit to Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum at Flixton

There are 65 historic aircraft at the museum and 25000 exhibits covering civil and military aviation in East Anglia from the pioneering years, though World Wars 1 and 2 to the present day. The children enjoyed it enormously. They are holding books which were prizes for answering a quiz.  


Beach Walk and Tidy

The whole school walked to the beach today.
Beach Walk and Tidy

Singing at Glebe House

Class 3 went to Glebe House Residential Home to sing some carols for the residents
Singing at Glebe House

Beach Walk

What a lovely walk to the beach to see the amazing wave
Beach Walk

Remembrance Day 2020

The children of Bawdsey CEVCP school and Orford CEVAP school had a shared 2 minutes silence and prayers on Remembrance Day. A Class at Bawdsey school walked to the war memorial after the silence to lay out all the poppies and remembrance windmills the pupils had made.
 11 Nov, 2020
Remembrance Day 2020