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Designated safeguarding personnel

Senior Designated Lead   -  Mrs Katie Butler                                                                              

ADSLs - Mrs Helen Rankin,  Miss Emily Mee,  Mrs Nancy Darke,  Mrs Kerry Simoes  

Our named Safeguarding Governor is Mr Mike Locke

All staff at Bawdsey Primary have undertaken Safeguarding training - it is embedded into our daily routines and all staff are aware of regulations and procedures.

We adhere to the 6 key messages from the training:

1. Safeguarding is not a tick-box exercise - it needs to be effective and the thread throughout policy and practice.

2. All staff have a duty to prevent radicalisation, child sexual exploitation, cyber-bullying and preventing the promotion of self harm.

3. Online safety is part of the safeguarding agenda, and we raise awareness of how to keep safe online and offline.

4. Listening to children and acting on the information received to prevent further risks of harm are taken seriously, seeking early advice to prevent delays in any additional help required.

5. Follow safer recruitment process to keep children safe.

6. We all play our part, understanding our duties and responsibilities, have a good understanding of what constitutes risk, and report accordingly.