School Vision

Anchored together in the hope for a better world


"We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure."

Hebrews 6:19


Bawdsey C of E Primary School Vision


At Bawdsey CEVC primary school we aim for every child to be anchored in God’s love with an unshakeable belief in their own worth and with a depth of resilience. This resilience enables them to ride the storms/waves of life confidently, reaching out to those in need as caring, courageous advocates whilst broadening their
horizons. Our children know they have God’s world in their hands, and we encourage them to look beyond their quiet peninsula home to make an impact on the whole diverse world waiting for them. In this world we want the children to know they are equal with others and we hope that they model God’s love holding firmly to the teachings and examples of Jesus as their guide

Our motto is:

‘We have got God’s world in our hands.’

Our key parable will be:

‘The Good Samaritan’

The key learning from the parable will be about looking
beyond differences to help those in need.



Every pupil will be taught the skills and have the ability to know how to look after themselves, other people and the world and to make a positive difference with their choices.


During their time at Bawdsey CEVCP school the children will…

Learn about themselves

Ø  Physically

Ø  Mentally

Ø  Emotionally

Ø  Spiritually

Learn about the world

Ø  Culturally

Ø  Historically

Ø  Geographically

Ø  Politically

Ø  Environmentally

Learn what impact they can have in the world

Ø  Personally

Ø  Interpersonally

Ø  Locally

Ø  Globally

Ø  Universally

(The implementation of our intent and school vision is also seen in the big themes throughout our curriculum.)


The children will know how to learn effectively and how to be strong physically, emotionally and mentally. Our aim is that Bawdsey CEVCP School pupils will be strong, unique conscientious custodians and courageous advocates of God’s world and make a positive impact with their future lives. 



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